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Who am I

I am a professional athlete chasing the Olympic dream. Running for me is a source of happiness and a life school. I also get very excited about the ever-evolving science around running gear, our physiology and other facets of athletics.

Quick facts

Running 3000m & cross-country during the winter, and 5000m during the summer.

Turned pro after graduating as a bio-engineer in 2022. Since then, my home changed from a desk to altitude camps.

My weekly mileage varies between 80 and 145km.

Became vegetarian in 2023. Main motive is to perform at a higher level and enhance my daily recovery from training.

Medical technology & digital health enthusiast! I have a nerdy passion especially for the field of biosensors and their application in sports. A great example is the Supersapiens continuous glucose meter.

Former hockey player. Played hockey my whole life, but lacked the talent to enter the national team. When I enrolled at university, I made the transition to running.


Palmares and journey towards the Olympic Games

Coming soon ...

Get in touch

If you have any question, request or information you'd like to share with me, please shoot !

1. Instagram : @heymans.john

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