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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

I try to solve problems or optimize issues in athletics using data science and machine learning. By sharing them with you, I hope that you can benefit from them too !

Do you experience any issue in running or have an idea that I could solve for you with data science & AI ? Send me an email at !

Tool 1 - Optimize Your World Ranking

Problem I am trying to solve

How come that a friend of mine did not qualify in the 1500m for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, although his times were faster than numerous athletes ranked better than him? (The top X in the World Rankings get qualified for international championships.)

Running fast is not enough! Besides the athlete's results, their placing in competitions also plays a huge role in their final World Rankings. And although most athletes know that, sadly I see most of them making poor choices of competitions, by optimizing to run fast, and not optimizing for their placing ... 

Target group/who is concerned ?

Athletes who have a World Ranking and want to maximize their ranking to qualify for International Championships.

My solution with AI

Athletes of different levels each benefit most from different competitions. This is an optimization and forecasting problem which I solved for them:

What will your current World Ranking be worth at point X in the future (rankings evolve over time)? So how many points do you need to keep or move up to a certain ranking in the future?

How many ranking places could you go up without running faster, i.e. by optimizing your placing in competitions ?

Which competitions (label and name of competition) should you run to optimize for both a fast time and good placing?

Request your personal World Ranking analysis!

More coming soon ...

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