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Maxime Delvoie

Your bio


I’ve been running since I was a kid. What was at first a hobby became a passion and then a life goal. My training load and my dedication to running kept increasing seeking for progress. These last years, I’ve been putting lots of efforts to combine training with my work as a PhD student (I graduated from environmental sciences in 2020 and I have been studying volcanoes ever since). I realized that 2 main things were still lacking to maximise my chance of running professionally. First, put more importance on resting between session and on preventing injuries by consulting medical staff more often. Secondly, improve my knowledge about training to participate in the building of my training program with my coach, and be more aware of my weaknesses. In order to do that, I needed to free some time so I put my thesis on hold a few months ago. Ever since, I’ve been focusing on the theoretical background of training, to add it to my own practical experience and try to link both by focusing on my feelings during sessions.


Since I have that theoretical and practical knowledge to build training programs, I have loved sharing it with all the athletes I coach, no matter their level. I love to be a part of someone's journey towards improvement. Can’t wait to share with you !


How long have you been running for?

17 years


How long have you been coaching for?

1 year


What are your personal bests?

800m : 1.48.54

1500m : 3.46.79

Your top 3 songs for during a run?

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Naïve – The Kooks

Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet


What is your favorite workout, and why?

Sunday long ruuuns baby. It feels easy but at the same time you feel brave because of the mileage (and it’s closing the week so good moment to look back at the work done!). The session is not valid without a post workout coffee of course.


Tell us about a time an athlete surprised you.

I thought a long time about this one because I didn’t want to talk about John on is own website, you surely have already read too much about him. But I cannot find anything that surprised me as much as what he did in the beginning of the 2023 summer season. We were spending a few weeks in Flagstaff (USA) for an altitude training camp, in order to prepare for the upcoming races. We had planned to start our season by going to a meeting in LA at the end of our stay, before heading back to Europe. In the bedroom we were sharing together with other teammates in Flagstaff, there was a blackboard. During the last week before leaving to LA, we all wrote our targeted times on it. Some were a bit too optimistic, others more realistic. At that time, John had been training professionally since only 6 months, so it was his first summer season after his graduation. His 5000m PB was 13.42.84. We all knew he could run faster than that, but when we saw him write 13.17 on the blackboard, we laughed a bit. Only 7 Belgian in the history had run faster than that at that time. John was looking great but struggled a bit with minor injuries (like Achille pain) during the training camp, so it was difficult to believe he could run that fast so early in the season (especially in a strong but not really dense field). Well, that night he ran 13.16.88 (0.12 sec faster than the target), 8th fastest time in Belgium (he’s now 7th) running alone for nearly half of the race.


Set yourself big goals, do everything you can to achieve it, enjoy the road, endure the failures and keep dreaming because sometimes, it goes exactly as planned !


Describe yourself in one word.



What has been the highlight of your athletic career to date?

Winning the 800m U23 Belgian Championships


What is your favorite race?

Les 20km de Bruxelles because it’s my first ever race, and where I fell in love with running!

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