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Hi there !

On this site I share insights , develop tools, and coach to help you realize your goals in running and feed your unhealthy obsession with the sport.

Hi there ! The e-book is still in the making. You will get it in your inbox very soon :)

Download my latest ebook with 5 tips to improve your running! Or discover my other ebooks.

Check out the ways I can help you reach your goals


Training, strength, and mobility schedule for all levels of runners.

Running Guides

Precious knowledge about everything around running, such as food, recovery, and race preparation.

AI Tools

Optimize your running and World Ranking position in a data-driven way.


Marathon & 10km training schedule

A 12-week training program with guidance on strength & mobility, nutrition, and race preparation.

My journey towards the Olympics

How I got into running, lessons along the journey, and never forget to dream big.

Maximize your World Ranking position

Applying AI on historic World Ranking data to discover which competition are optimal for you to maximizing your ranking position.

What gear do I use?

Running watch

Chest Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep wearable

Get in touch

If you have any question, request or information you'd like to share with me, please shoot !

1. Instagram : @heymans.john

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