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Hi there !

We are a group of coaches truly passionate about running. We'd love to help you reach your next goal!

All levels are welcome! We train first-time runners as well as Olympians.

Check out the ways we can help you reach your goals

Get a running coach

100% personalized running guidance. Choose a coach and start training tomorrow

Running Guides

Precious knowledge about everything around running, such as food, recovery, and race preparation.

Training programs

Running & strength programs for all levels.

I made the ultimate online training program to help you achieve your running goal.

My goal is to make you a better runner. It's that simple. This can mean running a new personal best, or just improving and having fun with training!


Runners enrolled in the training program until today


5-star average rating on Udemy, the platform where the training program is published

Currently training plans for: 5km and half-marathon

Advice about nutrition

A strength program, for three levels

A mobility routine

Written guides about optimizing your recovery between trainings, mental preparation, and more.

"I succesfully ran my first half-marathon. Couldn't have done it without John's training program!"

Ran a 2h43 half-marathon

- Catherine Auskint

"My speed got so much better! I got my 5km personal best down to sub17min."

Improved 5km time from 17:43 to 16:57

- Dennis Buehler

"I wish I had come accross this training program more early. So helpful. John's advice is really next level. Great to learn from one of the best."

Ran a 1h41 half-marathon

- Martin Hamrick

How likely are you to achieve your running goal with this training program?

Everything I share are things that I apply in my daily running and that made me become an Olympian. No nonsense.

This program is a goldmine of knowledge. I work together with some of the best coaches and physiotherapists in the world. You get the most up-to-date information in the running science and industry. 

However, it's no magic trick. You are still the one who has to put in the work. My job is to provide you with all the necessary tools to maximize your chances of success.

Get in touch

If you have any question, request or information you'd like to share with me, please shoot !

1. Instagram : @heymans.john

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