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Are you an individual or a group/enterprise? I offer two ways of getting coached, through an Online Masterclass or via Group Coaching.

Get coached by one of Belgium's best distance runners !


    Online Masterclass

You are targetting to run a (half-)marathon or 10km.

12 week training schedule
Strength & mobility exercices
Nutrition guide
Recovery routine
Race prep

You'll get a training schedule which is based on levels of perceived intensity rather than following specific paces. I want you to develop a good awareness of your mind and body during your runs. Pushing new physical and mental barriers is difficult when your brain is conditioned to focus on the pace displayed on the GPS watch.

But there's much more. Through a series of videos, I'll give you a strength & mobility schedule, and guidance on recovering from workouts, nutrition, and race preparation.

Be among the few lucky ones to try the trial version for free

Group and enterprise coaching

Coming soon ...

Get in touch

If you have any question, request or information you'd like to share with me, please shoot !

1. Instagram : @heymans.john

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